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Our Pilgrimages

The BIBLE SITES FILM SERIES has stimulated such interest, that many have wanted David and Giselle to take them in person to visit these exciting lands!

These parties have proved exceptionally popular! David and Giselle are held in high esteem by both the Israel Government Tourist Office and the Jordan Tourism Board. Theirs are the official films of both agencies. They have extensive experience of these lands and their peoples, great insights from extensive research, and enjoy the friendhip of the finest guides.

They've received many enthusiastic accolades from the participants in their previous pilgrimages - see below.

Photo: Pilgrimage party on the mountains above Petra
'One of our pilgrimages
on the mountains above Petra'

Photo: David lecturing at Amman
'David lecturing on walls of Amman'

Photo: David and Giselle on the mountains above Petra
'David and Giselle on the
mountains above Petra'


It's been an enormous privilege to be a pilgrim with you both. Truly each day was VERY exciting!

We thank God for your passion about the word and Jesus and amazing ability to bring it alive. Great planning and execution of the trip!

An experience I will never forget. Wonderful and SO exciting!

Great from start to finish! A trip of momentous Biblical proportions! A truly moving experience!

What a wonderful, inspiring, and spiritually refreshing holiday - great group of pilgrims!

The most exciting and inspiring eleven days – I loved every single minute of every day!

I can’t get my head out of the Bible now – it’s become even more alive since visiting so many of the places in it.

You were constantly inspiring - your love and passion for the Bible, Jesus and the Holy Land is totally infectious!   I felt so privileged to have gone on such a well thought through, organised, interesting and fun time.  Thank You!

I HAVE to go back!

Such a fascinating and fun group!

Beautiful sites, friendly people, gorgeous weather, delicious food, lovely hotels, hysterical group moments!

Immense joy from being in the very cities, villages, streets, buildings, rooms, caves, stores that our wonderful saviour visited.

I’ll never be able to thank you enough!   I’ll never forget the experiences I had in Israel.

You are the master of these pilgrimages! - Rt Rev Michael Baughen