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Blue Skies Director and presenter of the Bible Sites series

Photo: David by the River Jordan

After graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, David started a teaching career and was also appointed an organist at All Souls Church, in the heart of London's West End, a post he's held for over forty years. 'I'm always aware of the great privilege of leading the praises of God's people in this packed and famous central London church - over 2,500 pass through its doors every Sunday, from around 70 different nations!'

Early in his career David visited Israel and was completely captivated by the land and its peoples. ‘To be where such momentous Biblical events occurred was truly awesome! – I longed to be able to share the experience and the insights gained with as many people as possible.' His early films enjoyed great popularity at All Souls, but now his productions are seen all around the world, through TV transmissions, the internet, and on DVD.

David's great passion is bringing the Bible alive to all ages and classes of people. His extensive experience as a teacher has been of tremendous significance in the production of his film series featuring the Biblical sites in several lands. His films have proved immensely popular with a vast range of audiences. 'We've had totally secular audiences spellbound and children engrossed.' Everyone is enthralled as he explores the Bible's great dramas on the actual sites where they occurred.


His films have received wide acclaim. 'Revelation Rediscovered' has been on the best selling list of Vision Video in the US since its release; 'Galloping through the Gospels' is the official film of the Israel Government Tourist Office; and 'Exploring Biblical Jordan' is the official film of the Jordan Tourism Board, who commissioned him to make a film of all the Biblical sites in Jordan. ‘It was a great privilege to have their total co-operation in this thrilling project. We filmed at over 40 different locations and featured 21 different Bible characters. People don't realise just how many Bible events took place in today's Jordan. In fact, 'Bethany beyond the Jordan' is the only place to have felt the footsteps of Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, John the Baptist and Jesus himself – but not all at the same time! It's been holy ground for over 3,000 years!’

David and Giselle His fifth film in the series, 'Journeying with Jesus', is an extensive exploration of events in the life of Jesus – at the sites he knew so well. Working in close collaboration with leading archaeologists, David is a mine of information on fascinating new discoveries which throw fresh light on the significance of Bible events. 'The Holy City...and a Garden' is a kaleidoscopic view of Jerusalem and an exploration of the enigma of its Garden Tomb. Is it really the tomb in which the body of Jesus was laid?

'In the Steps of Moses' is an exhilarating exploration of the great Exodus drama from Goshen to Mount Nebo! Compelling viewing indeed!

About a year's work goes into every film – and David loves every part of it! Research - biblical, historical, geographical and archaeological (often working with leading archaeologists,) – then the scripting, filming and postproduction.

The films have stimulated such interest that David and his wife Giselle are now in great demand as leaders of their own tours to Bible Lands. See our pilgrimages for details.