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Once you've seen this film, reading the gospels will never be the same again! "It's like reading them in Technicolor rather than black and white!" Events in the life of Jesus leap from the page when one can visualise their original setting.

This widescreen production sweeps us inexorably through the 'greatest story ever told', from Jesus' birth in Bethlehem to his triumphant ascension on the mount of Olives.

David's enthusiastic presentation never tires as he features the latest archaeological discoveries and the insights they provide. This film is an inspiration and education for all ages. (Duration 58 mins) INCLUDES BIBLICAL REFERENCE BOOKLET.

"THE ANCIENT TEXT COMES ALIVE! David treads with a sure foot from one sacred site to another and he compels us to follow!" - Rev Dr JOHN STOTT, CBE

"SUPERB - most educational and inspiring! It really brings the Gospels to life! We enjoyed it thoroughly!" - J.JOHN - International Evangelist

"GREAT STUFF! It really does bring the Bible alive!" - RICO TICE - author 'Christianity Explored'

"SUCH A POWERFUL PIECE of Gospel communication." - RICHARD BEWES, OBE - former Rector of All Souls,Langham Place

"AWESOME! It brings such life and reality to the Bible and Jesus." - Rev Dr PAUL BLACKHAM - host of 'Book by Book' tv series

"BRILLIANT - really outstanding! One of my greatest treasures to be watched many times over!" - JEN REES LARCOMBE Author and Speaker